Importance Of Online Health Coach In Everyone’s Life

The whole world is shrinking and more reachable with the development in technology. Thus, it is the right time to go digital with personal fitness. The answer is a mixed bag depending on what you are expecting from a trainer. First, let’s clear things up starting with who an online personal trainer is and what he does.

Online Personal Trainer

These personal trainers are not going to be with you through training but will take care of most of the functions, if not all, as a physical trainer. This online coaching is done through mobile apps to track food habits, workout sessions, calories, and other information about the trainee, which are used to design a workout plan. Monitoring of the food and workout sessions is done daily with appropriate feedback to keep the session lively. Online personal trainers in most of the case are location independent and offer time flexibility.


  • Online trainers are location independent so you can workout anywhere
  • They are available online for most of the daytime. Even if they are not available during your workout time, the feedback and the next day’s workout plan is updated shortly
  • Possible to work with trainers across the world
  • Cost is considerably less
  • Available any time of the day to clear doubts via chat or call


  • Cannot experience the comfort of a physical companion to work out in the gym, count your squats, etc.
  • Experience low motivational factor
  • Correcting the moves for novice gym goers

Is Online Fitness Planner Right For You?

Fitness planner is the one who takes care of the workout and nutrition, most importantly. With this said, anyone can hire an online health coach and be happy with it, especially with the price factor. While an average personal coach would charge somewhere around $100 per hour, online fitness planner charges the same amount for a 4, 6 or 8-week fitness program targeted at a motive (weight reduction, abs toning, etc.). However, there are downsides of correcting your moves and the absence of a companion to help with the weights.

Are you a frequent traveler who needs personal attention to tone yourself? An online personal trainer is great to look into your workout log and help you move forward with the flexibility of time and location. Or, if you are used to various workouts, want a short-term personal workout planner, and you are self-motivated, you cannot go wrong with an online coach. Only the beginners are not recommended for an online coach, as they require live mentoring.

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