customized meal plan

Custom Meal Planner

Personalized Meal PlanIf you search google for fitness meal plans you’ll find well over a thousand different plans. The problem with a majority of plans online is they are mediocre and generic. You would not expect a female at 150 pounds to be given the same meal plan as a male at 280 pounds to work very well. To maximize your time and effort you need a personalized meal plan that is built for you!  Our customized meal plans take all the effort and frustration out of producing a custom meal plan.

1. All meals are planned out for the week

–Each meal tells you exactly what to eat and how much.

–That means you will not have to waste your time counting and calculating your macros (IE: Carbs, Fats, Protein).

​​2. We include a weekly shopping list, so you will know exactly what to get!

–Everything on the shopping list tells you down to the ounce of what you need to get.

–It is already categorized to make for a quick shopping at the grocery store.

​3. Monthly check-ins for custom meal plans

–By having check-ins, we are able to make any necessary changes, which allows you to meet your fitness goal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

— At this time we will also update your meals so you will be enjoying a variety of foods.


4. Delicious custom recipes to make this as manageable as possible

–We selected these recipes to minimize your time in the kitchen, while maximizing your health and taste-buds.


​5. You will receive your customized meal plan via email within 48 hours of placing your order!

–You’ll fitness meal plan be in PDF format (this allows you to view it on your phone, tablet, computer etc.